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A Rebirthing Breathwork Session


Time is set aside at the start of each session for the rebirthee to explore the issues of the day.

This may include how you are feeling in the present moment, issues about relationships, career, your current successes and also struggles, your view of yourself and your world.

It is an opportunity to express your fears, hopes, disappointments, blocks, dreams and satisfactions. Here, there is space for difficult feelings and uncomfortable truths.

We all have our stories to tell and this is essentially a listening space, a space to feel deeply heard.


treesSometimes sitting, usually lying down, the rebirthee begins to breathe a full and conscious connected breath. This is the core of the session and lasts for around an hour or so.

During this time, many feelings, sensations, thoughts, insights, experiences may occur. Energy rises to the surface and is released. Sometimes that energy has the face of a memory. Sometimes an emotion. Sometimes a wise thought, an understanding. Sometimes the energy is felt as body sensations. Sometimes as a profound spiritual experience.

There may be many little releases, sometimes one big one. Sometimes it feels like a continuous motion or movement, like surfing a wave.

After some time, the energy may plateau out and a profound peace be experienced. Towards the end the rebirthee turns on their side and curls up in a protected and safe foetal position. This is integration time. The time to return from the journey bringing whatever gifts or changes have occurred.


Now we take time to reflect over a cup of tea, drawing together the
threads from the whole session to give us a sense of the journey, and
enabling us to set it within the context of the life of the rebirthee.

A full Rebirthing Breathwork session lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Clare Gabriel is a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, with a private practice in Wells, Somerset, UK


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