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What is Rebirthing Breathwork?

treesLife is a creative movement - a dance of experiences and events that are constantly changing: arising and growing, coming to fruition, dying and falling away.

Within this creative momentum we live our lives and journey towards self-realization.

In every moment, the life we are experiencing is reflected in our breathing. Our breath can be a powerful and healing ally on our journey.

Rebirthing Breathwork uses conscious connected breathing to encourage our awareness to expand on all levels.

We come to understand:

  • the way we suppress, express, deaden and contain our emotions
  • what we deeply (and often unconsciously) believe about ourselves and about life
  • the way we inhabit our own bodies
  • our deepest longings and desires
  • our soft and vulnerable places
  • how we relate to our intimates, family, friends and the world

This understanding rises to the surface of our awareness as we breathe in a full and conscious way, and may occur in any or all of the following ways:

  • with mental imagery and insightful thoughts
  • through re-experiencing past events
  • with release of energy, including emotional release
  • through body sensations
  • with soulful and spiritual experience of the self

treesPast trauma, emotional and psychological blocks, physical illness and suffering are encouraged to surface into full consciousness where they can be addressed, resolved, integrated and healed.

As a rebirthing breathwork practitioner, my role is to hold a safe space for each client in every session which includes:

  • complete acceptance, with no judgement, of who and what is present
  • encouraging the fullest use of conscious connected breathing
  • supporting the client in expanding her/his awareness to the fullest
  • helping maintain focus
  • teaching conscious relating
  • encouraging a fully participating engagement with the process (life)

Rebirthing breathwork is a transpersonal therapy which naturally evolves into the realms of soul and spirit where we experience our connection to the core essence of being, or source.

Clare Gabriel is a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, with a private practice in Wells, Somerset, UK


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