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About Clare Gabriel

Clare Gabriel

From 1975-85, Clare was a student and then a teacher in a school for personal and spiritual development in the UK, which included training in meditation, energy healing and sacred theatre.

Her personal passion for sacred song then naturally led her to explore the dynamics of the breath and subsequently to training in rebirthing breathwork in London and the USA. She also qualified as a practitioner in both body harmony and massage therapy. Over the years she has brought other psychotherapeutic and soul-based therapies to her practice, including Voice Dialogue and Family Constellations in individual settings.

In her practice, she is passionate about creating the space for our stories to be heard, in order for us to be able to accept and fully integrate the whole of our experience, including the marginalised and wounded aspects of ourselves. She understands that when we take this experiential journey, we become able to surrender and move beyond our separated sense of self into the sweet experience of ourselves as pure essence or Being, where there is no separation.

Clare brings to her rebirthing breathwork practice her deep and abiding sense of what a precious thing it is to be human, and this helps to create an atmosphere of spaciousness, and an acceptance of what is. She combines this with a precision and an attention to detail in her listening and communication skills.

The teachings within both Tibetan and Zen Buddhism serve as deeply nourishing sources of inspiration for Clare. She regards the practices of both meditation and rebirthing breathwork as the ground upon which her own journey to self-realization is proceeding.

Clare is a longstanding Practitioner Member of the British Rebirth Society, the UK's main professional rebirthing breathwork body. She has served as both its General Secretary and Chairman in previous years.

In the past, she has served as Vice President of the International Breathwork Foundation, the international association of breathworkers that convenes annually at the Global Inspiration Conference.

Clare Gabriel is a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, with a private practice in Wells, Somerset, UK


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